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Global Learning Strategies

Global Learning Strategies is a division of the Global Leadership Institute, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to the purpose of developing effective and innovative leadership.

Recognizing the increasing expense and lack of efficiency in the traditional model of higher education, the mission of Global Learning Strategies is to serve the international student community with alternatives that are creative, cost effective, and marked by excellence. Our goal is to become the primary resource for students who desire to explore accelerated distance learning.

To achieve this mission, Global Learning Strategies will:

  • Research and explore new developments within distance learning education.
  • Utilize the capabilities of Internet technology to assist students in realizing their full potential as independent learners.
  • Conduct instructive workshops and Seminars that recognize and meet the diverse learning needs of the international student community.
  • Publish resources that teach accelerated learning methods, explain distance learning options, promote global and experiential learning, empower students to take charge of their educational experiences, and encourage students to prepare for international leadership.
  • Encourage within our corporate structure principles of integrity and the highest standards of character.

Commitment to the Future

Global Learning Strategies will meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing international student community by being a responsive organization that reflects these changes by adopting and promoting new technologies, learning methods, and teaching strategies. Global Learning Strategies will continue to be an innovative leader in education committed to helping students discover the potential of accelerated distance learning.

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